Smarts 1000 New Generation Slimline Bi-folds

Bi-folding doors help to create an open, flexible and modern space for both living and working environments, making a real statement of class, elegance and versatility, keeping you warm on the inside in the winter while providing a panoramic view of the outside, and in the summer opening the inside out for the ultimate in luxurious dramatic space ideal for entertaining or pure self indulgence.

The Smarts 1000 Bi-fold door system offers a door designed to bring a graceful elegance to your home, they allow for over a 90% clear opening - bringing the outside in, and are very competitively priced, with slim profiles to minimise frame and maximise the glazing area.

Widely recognised by most installers as one of the best Bi-Folding doors on the market today.

The doors are manufactured using the unique POLYAMIDE thermal break system supplied by SMARTS.

This superior system guarantees excellent performance coupled with unparalleled insulation and excellent long-term reliability.

These doors are October 2010 Document L compliant with an overall U value of 1.7

Pendulum Handles - On Each Intermediate style
With the Smarts 1000 Bi-folding Doors you have a pendulum handle on each intermediate panel. This handle operates heavy duty shoot bolts between each interlock and gives you the ability to have outside access without the need for a traffic door. These handles are slim-line, simple and look very aesthetically pleasing.

They have a key locking facility for added security and come in a range of different colours.

Bi-fold, slim-line Pendulum Handles

Slim Sightlines
The Smarts 1000 is our slimmest bifold door. Being manufactured from aluminium means that the profiles can be made very slim, with out compromising the strength of the Bi-folding doors. This not only looks much more aesthetically pleasing, but allows you to maximise the glass area, letting in more light.

The meeting stiles are just 132mm and each door leaf is just 60mm wide.

Slim meeting stiles

Traffic Door Handles
A traffic door allows quick and easy access through your bi-folding doors from the inside and outside, operating independently of the folding panels, much like a standard residential door.

You can either have standard Lever-Lever handles or Pendulum handles on your traffic doors. Lever-Lever handles are highly functional, while having Pendulum handle on your traffic door as well as your intermediate panels gives you a consistent and coordinated look.

Bi-fold Traffic Door Handles, Lever Lever Handles or Pendulum Handles

High Security Anti-bump Locking Cylinder
All traffic doors come with this high security anti-bump locking cylinder as standard. This high security snap secure cylinder, is pick resistant, bump resistant and drill resistant.

It passes PAS024 testing without the need for security handles or cylinder guards. The locking cylinder provides the highest levels of security demanded by the BSI & Secured by Design, giving you added peace of mind for no additional cost.

ABS Locking Cylinder

Low Threshold Option
There are two different low threshold options for our Smarts 1000 Bi-folding Doors, a 15mm low threshold and a 20mm low threshold, both are thermally broken have optional ramp attachments.

These optional ramps can be attached on the inside and / or outside and will assist with easy fitting and help you to adhere to Part M (wheel chair access) of the building regulations without dropping the doors into the floor.

Bi-fold Low Theshold

Bogey Wheel Assemblies
Our Smarts 1000 Bi-folding doors run on four wheel bogey assemblies that travel on twin stainless steel tracks, resulting in easy graceful operation.

These high strength rollers exceed the required weight factors, so that no matter what the weight of the doors you still get the same easy-side action, for which our bifolds are known.

Bi-folding Door, Bogey Wheel Assemblies

Glass Options
You can have almost any glass you wish in your Bi-folding doors. They can be supplied glazed or unglazed for 28mm sealed units. Low E, Argon gas filled sealed units, 1.2 centre pane value, toughened safety glass as standard.

Galss options include clear toughened safety glass, self cleaning glass and solar control glass, laminated glass, anti-sun, georgian bars and integrated blinds inside the sealed units.

Glass Options

Tight Stacking
Our Smarts 1000 Bi-folding doors fold open and slide away into a tight stack. The neat stacks can be right, left or split between right and left to an unused part of your garden or room.

The ability to fold back up to ten panels for over a 90% opening is one of the biggest draws of bi-folding doors.

Tight Stacking Panels

Shoot Bolts
Heavy duty shoot bolts secure the door between each intermediate panel (each operated by a Pendulum Handle). They are specially designed to fit exactly into the outer-frame, tightly securing the doors in place.

The shoot bolts are top and bottom of each intermediate panel, protecting the doors against forced entry.

Shoot bolts

High Security locking
With our Smarts 1000 Bi-folding Doors all traffic doors have high security multi-point locking consiting of six locking points. Two heavy duty hook locks, two locking cams, a latch and a dead bolt. The locking cams provide added security and pull the sashes into the frame for increased weather performance.

High Security Locking

Door Height Guide

As a general rule Bi-fold Door heights would normally be expected to be a minimum of 2070 - 2100 to allow for trickle vents in the head extension (if required).

Minimum Door Width 700mm / Maximum Door Width 1200mm / Maximum Height 3000mm.

Smarts 1000 features

  • These Bi-folding doors can OPEN IN or OPEN OUT
  • Standard and Low threshold options available
  • High security shoot bolts to intermediate panels and multi-point hook locks to traffic doors
  • Slim-line 70mm Polyamide thermally broken aluminium profile, meeting stiles of just 132mm
  • Minimum Door Width 700mm / Maximum Door Width 1200mm / Maximum Height 3000mm
  • Four stainless steel bogey wheel assemblies run on a dual stainless steel track, ensuring graceful operation and stability
  • New Pendulum handle range on each intermediate panel - which gives you the ability to have outside access, without the need for a traffic door... Read More »
  • For styles that include traffic doors you can choose to either have a conventional Lever-lever handle or slim Pendulum handles - for consistency and it's slim-lines... Read More »
  • High security PAS24 snap-secure locking cylinder
  • 28mm internally glazed sealed units, provide added security
  • The ability to colour co-ordinate every aspect of your doors
  • High weather performance - exceeds the requirements of Part L. of October 2010 Building Regulations

Smarts 1000 colour options

These doors come in a wide range of different finishes including our Smart Sensation colour range.

Smarts 1000 glazing options

These doors come in a wide range of different glazing options.

Smarts 1000 performance

U Value
600 Pa
750 Pa
1800 Pa

These statistics apply for: Open out doors, double-glazed units, 90% argon gas filled (4mm Planitherm total +, 3mm Planilux), 16mm or more, Swiss V warm edge spacerbar (1.2 Glass - U Value centre Pane*).


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