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Bi-Folding Doors - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we get asked. If your question isn't listed here then call 01268 571055 or e-mail

Our doors are always internally glazed to increase security, ensuring there is no access to the beads from outside the property.

Yes the Aluminium Bi-fold doors can be made to open inwards or outwards, the choice is yours.

Aluminium Bi-folding doors have a choice of 'low' thresholds or standard fully rebated thresholds. The difference between the two is that with a fully rebated standard threshold it offers severe weather rating whereas the low threshold does not. It in effect offers excellent weather protection but is not recommended for areas of severe exposure. Both offer great weather protection for all areas of the UK.

The low threshold option obviously offers the facility of level walk through from inside to outside of your property and can also be used as a division between your house and conservatory.

We offer a standard threshold which is 54mm high, or low thresholds which are 34mm & 22mm high. The standard threshold offers the best weather performance, with the low threshold best suited to sheltered or internal applications

Aluminium Bi-folds offer the very latest technology in secure locking systems on the market today. And obviously both are internally glazed with safety glass as standard.

Aluminium Bi-folds are very low maintenance. Both require regular lubrication and checking once a year or when ever the need arises.

Door U Values will differ from door to door, please ask specifically about the door of your choice. All doors are compliant to L1a, L2a, L1b and L2b of Building Regulations Doc L - April 2006.

Yes in Aluminium, but our standard designs have a maximum of 6 panels. If you require more than 6 panels then please enquire and we will price accordingly.

No, the smallest opening is 1400mm - this is because each sash has a minimum width of 700mm.

Yes, the largest standard opening is 6000mm - this is because standard aluminium bar length is 6500mm. We can manufacture doors greater than 6500mm to accommodate wider openings.

You can have between 6mm and 35mm units. We can supply the doors unglazed, single glazed or double glazed. Specialist glazing such as anti-sun, switchable privacy glass and integrated blinds can also be specified.

Yes. As standard on aluminium we offer white and dark grey (anthracite), but we can supply them in any RAL colour. You can also have dual colours - e.g. brown on the outside and white on the inside.

No. A traffic door allows you to use the door without folding the panels. We recommend you have a traffic door if possible as it allows you to operate the door 'normally' during the winter months - when you don't want to fold the door fully open, and let in the cold air

Generally 3-4 weeks after you have signed off your survey / manufacturing design confirmation - but please check when ordering as lead time will vary. If you have chosen a RAL colour then this will typically increase the lead time to 6 weeks, blinds will be up to 6 weeks

Our standard delivery and fit areas are shown on our Supply & Installation page.

The meeting point profile of a Durafold 1000 is 132mm, Continental 142mm, Emperor Concealed Hinge 135mm and Durafold Slimline 108mm.

Yes you do have the choice of which side the master door will be positioned, you will just need to let us know when you come to order the door.

There are many reasons why customers should choose Complete Bi-folds UK over its competitors and here are just a few:

  • We were incorporated as a Limited Company in England on the 14th January 1985.
  • We have unlimited experience in this field. Our fitting teams have many years' experience in both Aluminium products. Just take a look at our CPA Report and Testimonials from our extremely happy customers.
  • For supply and fit customers we offer full FENSA certification (our FENSA reg. no. is 15706) along with a 10 year written guarantee covered by an Insurance backed guarantee issued by the CPA (Consumer Protection Association, our reg. no. is 1980).
  • Also should you be considering having other products fitted, Complete Bi-folds UK offers an array of Aluminium windows and doors, Soffits and Fascias, Patio Doors, Sliding Windows etc.

In other words we are truly a one stop shop for all of your needs.

Glossary of Terms

Here are some of the common terms we use when talking about our Bi-fold doors. If you're unsure what a term means hopefully you will find an explanation below. If you require further help then call 01268 571055, or e-mail

Cill Horns
A projection cill which is wider than the opening is said to have cill horns. The amount of extra door cill each end can be varied.

Low Threshold
The threshold is the bottom of the door which you step over as you go in and out of the door. A low threshold is not as high as a standard threshold - making access easier. Weather performance is reduced when compared to a standard threshold - but is ideal for internal applications between rooms or possibly external applications in sheltered areas.

Standard Threshold
The threshold is the bottom of the door which you step over as you go in and out of the door. A standard threshold offers the best weather performance - but is higher overall than the low threshold (Severe Weather Rating).

Face Drainage
A slot in the outer-frame to allow excessive water to drain out from the outer-frame. The slot is covered by caps to hide the hole.

Traffic Door
A door that can be used like a standard hinged door without having to fold the other panels to use it. With a traffic door you can enter the room from outside. Without a traffic door you cannot enter the room from outside.

Trickle Vents
A ventilation system to allow fresh air into the room whilst keeping the doors closed/locked to maintain higher air quality. Traditional 'trickle vents' are fitted in the head extension of the outer-frame to achieve the ventilation required.

RAL / KL / BS Colours
A paint industry standard way of referring to different colours. You choose a RAL / KL / BS colour reference from a colour chart. You can specify a gloss level of your paint too. The gloss level options are Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matt.

Part of the locking system which is fitted to the mullions. Shoot-bolts are bars which slide up from the door sash into the frame - securing both the top and bottom of the door.

Also known as "polyamide thermal break". Part of the Aluminium extrusion which thermally separates the front and the back of the Aluminium - thus keeping the cold outside Aluminium physically away from the Aluminium on the inside of the door.