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Heritage Bi-old

Replicate traditional steel look doors with our new Heritage Bifold. Built around our popular Durafold Slimline Door, the Heritage Bifold is an elegant addition to any project.

Classical lines combined with the strength and slimness of modern technology.

Our Heritage Bifold doors have been designed using the natural strength of aluminium to provide the maximum amount of glass and the minimum amount of frame.

Heritage Bi-fold

Heritage Bi-fold Features

  • Stepped features replicate the traditional look of steel.
  • Heritage style stepped sashes.
  • Meeting stile of only 94mm.
  • Uses low maintenance, hard wearing powder coated aluminium.
  • Over 200 single or dual colours
  • Single or French door styles to match
  • Doors are bottom hung and run on double stainless steel tracks
  • A variety of glazing options offered including laminated security and solar control glass
  • Options for dust free integrated blinds (subject to door style).
  • All door styles have the option to open in or out.
  • Extra wide polyamide thermal break to achieve low U-values of 1.7 W/MēK or upgrade to 1.5 W/MēK.
  • Internally beaded for added security
  • Excellent U-values exceeding the requirements for the Building Regulations.
  • High quality stainless steel bogie wheel assemblies run on a stainless steel track, ensuring continuous ease of operation.
  • Bogie wheels are sunk down within the frame, for a clean tidy finish.
  • Integrated Blinds available in Electronic and Manual options.
  • Finish your installation with our unique colour matched aluminium quad trim.

Heritage Bi-fold Options

  • 2 to 7 panel folding configurations. (8+ panels please ask)
  • Rebated threshold only.
  • Square bead to the interior only.
  • Stepped profile to the exterior only.
  • Wide choice of Astragal bars and combinations.
  • Range of quality hardware in a variety of colours.
  • Colour matched aluminium quad trims.

Heritage Bi-fold Security

Our Heritage bi-folding doors are equipped with a comprehensive set of security features to give you peace of mind that your property is safe and secure.

  • All handles are key lockable as standard.
  • Lever handles use a 6 point locking system. This includes 2 heavy duty hook locks, 1 dead bolt, 1 latch and 2 roller cams.
  • Intermediate panels use heavy duty shoot bolts top and bottom.
  • Bogie wheels and top rail guide are used as an anti-jemmy feature to prevent panels being lifted off the tracks
  • On doors with outside access we use high security cylinders that are pick resistant, anti-drill and anti-bump.
  • Traffic doors have high security multi-point locking, which incorporates hook locks.
  • Upgrade to laminated glass for added security.
  • The doors are internally glazed to offer greater security.

Heritage Bi-fold Threshold Options

  • 55mm Standard rebated threshold.
  • Cills come in 4 projections of 85mm, 150mm, 190mm or 225mm and are all 25mm in height.
  • Standard rebated threshold can be sunk into the floor to create minimal step over and give maximum weather performance.

Heritage Bi-fold Colour Options

These doors come in a wide range of different finishes, including our Smart Sensation colour range - download the Heritage Bi-fold brochure for more details.

Heritage Bi-fold Glazing Options

These doors come in a wide range of different glazing options.

Recommended Sizes

The sizes detailed below are for guidance only, maximum widths can vary depending on your chosen height and vice versa. Widths wider than 6250 can be achieved with a mechanical join. Panels can be made less than 700mm wide - please ask our technical department for advice.

Min. Width (mm) 1400
Max. Width (mm)6250+
Min. Height (mm)1600
Max. Height (mm)2300*
Max. Panel Width (mm)1000
Max. Weight Per Panel(kg)100

*Subject to site conditions

Key Profile Dimensions

Outerframe Depth (mm)76
Sash Depth (mm)75
Glazed Sealed Units (mm)24, 28
Projection Cill Height - Optional (mm)25
Head Extension - Optional (mm)42

Sight Lines

Head / Top (mm)88
Jamb / Side (mm)106
Meeting Stiles (mm)94
Bottom - With Std. Threshold (mm)88

The details for the bottom sight-lines and step height are the optimum / best case scenario for open out doors that have been sunk / dropped into the floor.

Heritage Bi-fold Performance

U Value

subject to testing

These statistics apply for:

  • U Value 1.7 for a 1.2 glass - U Value centre pane. 1.5 U Value available for 1.0 U Value centre pane.

Specifying - Suitable Applications

  • Can be specified for residential / domestic applications.
  • Meets building regulations for new build. (For Oct 2010)
  • Meets building regulations for replacement and refurbishment projects. (For Oct 2010)
  • Standard fully weather rated threshold; suitable for use up to second floor and exposed locations.


For more information on colours, security, hardware and technical specification, download the Heritage Bi-fold brochure.